Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Renegade Archaeologist & other tales

Newly available in paperback at Amazon and Lulu, this collection of two novellas and eight short stories ranges from distant star systems to an America only a few years in the future. An archaeologist makes powerful enemies as he reveals the civilization that existed before the great ice sheets descended over the continent. An anthropologist visits the planet Drimmold, eager to prove that a band of monkeys are fully human despite their lack of fire, tools and violence. A space traveler named Jack Murphy is worshiped as a god on a distant planet. When he disappears, a wizard and a knight set out in search of him. A brave young woman tries desperately to save a doomed human colony where all technology is based on the control of giant sea creatures. The last man on earth has never met another human being and a starship commander begins to question his loyalty to the Vatican. A retired couple adjust to an overheated world where climate denial is official policy, but are worrying about their rebellious grandson. And a young man cannot outrun the police until he finally learns how to speak in tongues.

 Lulu paperback           =  $7.95

Amazon paperback      =   9.95

    Also on Kindle =             99 cents