Lethal Business, Haunting Questions

There's money to be made upstate making guns, but little else

Published in The Albany Times Union January 26, 2013:

      When I was growing up in Little Falls in the 1960s, the best jobs were at Snyder's on West Main Street or at the Remington Arms Co. factory in nearby Ilion. The work was highly skilled and the pay provided a solid middle-class life.
    The products made in Ilion and Little Falls stood the test of time. I had a Snyder bicycle that took me anywhere I wanted to go. One of my father's proudest possessions was a Remington Springfield .30-06 bolt action rifle. The .30-06 was a standard U.S. infantry weapon in World War I and remained a reliable deer rifle a half century later.
    The Snyder factory closed decades ago. But Remington Arms is humming with activity

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